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Five reasons why the Mercedes C-Class is the ultimate business lease car

Company car parks up and down the land are jam packed with German saloons, and the most popular of these is the Mercedes-Benz C-Class.

In fact, the ‘Baby Benz’ is so popular that it’s the most sought-after car on this website, fending off stiff competition from the VW Golf, Nissan Qashqai and even Britain’s most common new car – the Ford Fiesta.

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1. It’s classy

The three-pointed star is the iconic Mercedes-Benz badge, and having that on the front of your car means only one thing: you’ve got class.
There’s a magic to the Mercedes-Benz name that BMW and Audi can only dream of, and that magic is continued inside the C-Class, where a flowing design incorporating swathes of aluminium and vodka-bar mood lighting give it a sense of real style.

The 3 Series and the A4 are beautifully built and full of tech, but they just don’t feel as special as the Mercedes.

2. It’s good looking

Just look at it. Imagine that sitting on your drive or in the company car park. It’s elegant, assured, curvaceous and detailed without being fiddly or delicate. Of all the good-looking cars in this class – and there are quite a few – the C-Class is by far the prettiest.

Sure, it isn’t as muscly as the 3 Series or as chiselled as the A4, but this is the only one people will turn and look at.

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3. It’s economical

The majority of C-Classes are fitted with the 2.1-litre diesel engine found in our test car, albeit in differing states of tune.
No matter which you go for, though, it’s sure to be economical. Even the high-spec 201bhp 250d engine found in our test car returns almost 66mpg, putting it on a par with its rivals.

Company car tax will be cheap, too, thanks to competitive CO2 emissions. Our automatic test car fell into the 23% tax bracket, but less powerful, less well-equipped models will come down to 20%.
Go for the hybrid and 48g/km emissions will halve that to 10%.

4. It’s comfortable

When the C-Class was put up against its rivals, the Mercedes is the most comfortable car in its class, with big, soft seats and supple suspension.
Given the choice of the C-Class, the XE, the 3 Series or the A4, the Mercedes is the one we’d take on a long trip.

Normally, such comfort might come at the cost of handling, but not in the C-Class. The driving mode selector allows you to make full use of the balanced rear-drive chassis and sharp steering should the mood take you.

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5. It’s more affordable than you might think

The C250d AMG Line test car came in at £36,320 (incl. VAT), which is reasonable, but hardly cheap.

The average three-year business lease rate, on the other hand, is a mere £323 per month*, and that’s just an average – you’ll find cheaper deals if you shop around.Better still, lesser models can come in at under £200 per month. You can’t argue with that sort of value.

*Average lease rates calculated using data and based on typical 6+35 10k lease deals.

Check out our Mercedes-Benz C-Class leasing deals here: business / personal

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Posted on 18th October 2016 at 12:58 PM

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